Bruges in major crackdown on overtourism

Bruges is the latest European city to introduce new regulations to tackle overtourism and avoid “disneyfication”. The city’s mayor is backing several measures, including a cap on the number of cruise ships and an end to all advertising campaigns encouraging daytrippers.

Bruges decides not to organise ice sculpture festival or ice rinks this year

The municipal council of Bruges has decided not to authorise any ice skating rinks this winter, and to cancel its traditional ice sculpture festival. “We feel it’s no longer responsible to waste so much energy freezing the ice and we are looking for a more sustainable alternative,” Mayor Dirk De Fauw (Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams, CD&V) said on Thursday.

Global warming sounds death knell for Bruges ice festival

The City of Bruges is axing the annual ice sculpture festival as well as the traditional Christmas ice rink on the historic market square. Bruges says attractions like these can no longer be justified as a result of global warming.

Bruges axes its popular Christmas ice sculpture festival

The Belgian city will use a synthetic ice rink and move it out of a heritage site Officials fear that the carbon footprint of cooling large amounts of ice is too high But organisers slammed the decision, saying the event had 200,000 visitors The city of Bruges has cancelled its popular Christmas ice sculpture festival over concerns about its environmental impact.

Bruges Christmas market under threat from city’s climate friendly push

The organisers of Bruges’ iconic Christmas market and ice-sculpture festival have reacted furiously after city authorities announced radical changes to make the tourist attraction more environmentally friendly. The medieval city has cancelled the ice sculpture festival, a fixture for the last 18 years, amid fears that its cooling systems consumed too much energy.